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2014 Asian American International Film Festival


40 mins


Museum of Chinese in America
July 26, 2014 4:00 pm


With works of media makers under 21 years old, FOR YOUTH BY YOUTH is always a window to the incisive perspectives and imaginative expressions of the youth. This year, the FOR YOUTH BY YOUTH program consists of documentaries, animations, video essays and narratives from India, Afghanistan, Taiwan, and the USA.

In This Program

  1. The Children of My Land and I

    Students of Marefat Middle School / Afghanistan / 5 mins
    A group of students in Marefat Middle School, Kabul, Afghanistan investigate the impact of wars on young refugees who are just about their age.

  2. To My Ten Year Old Self

    Emily Eldridge Hall / USA / 2 mins
    A personal video poem from director Emily Eldridge Hall to remind herself "Stay strong because you will get through it."

  3. Plan It For The Planet

    Emily Eldridge Hall / USA / 5 mins
    PLAN IT FOR THE PLANET focuses on the journey A Environmental Club took to found the organization and promote healthy, organic eating.

  4. Little Green

    Yu-hsuan Tseng / Taiwan / 3 mins
    One day, Little Green decides to detach himself from the big tree and go on his own journey. It is where all the story begins.

  5. Perfect

    Adelheid Sudibyo / Taiwan / 2 mins
    The lyrical video PERFECT conveys a crystal-clear anti-bullying message: the key to fight back lies in the courage to speak out the deepest fear and pain.

  6. Maina: The Little Bride

    Shruti Rai / India / 3 mins

  7. Animals

    Stefanos Tai / USA / 20 mins
    Amidst a hurricane-stricken New York City, a young pregnant woman questions her next steps in this magical-realist meditation on relationships and the changing climate.

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Museum of Chinese in America
July 26, 2014 4:00 pm