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2014 Asian American International Film Festival


90 mins


City Cinema Village East
August 1, 2014 5:00 pm


A TV host fumes over her little co-stars who find her outdated; a man has taken years’ worth of self-portraits on film stock; a teenager wants to cuddle his best same sex friend; a ice cliff climber trains in the snowless LA; a corn farmer keeps away from the modern tech; a bowling shop staff now nears his perfect series; and the ailing father seeks solace in the TV opera – obsession is found in different forms and subjects that have built the seven vibrant micro-universes of ones’ own.

In This Program

  1. Happy Fun Room

    Greg Pak / USA / 14 mins
    In Greg Pak's near future drama, a host (Cindy Cheung) of a once-popular kid's TV show clashes with child co-stars when she realizes that the world's changed.

  2. Portraiture

    Judy Suh / USA / 10 mins
    Christoph discovers a mysterious box of undeveloped 35mm film rolls at his late friend’s apartment.

  3. The Language of Love

    Laura Scrivano / Australia / 9 mins
    In the middle of a French exam, Charlie struggles to find the words true to the awakenings to the first love and sexual orientation.

  4. 40 Years Young

    My Tran / USA / 9 mins
    At the age of 40, Ryan Kim is determined to continue his passion as a professional ice climber and trains creatively in the snowless Los Angeles.

  5. Sweet Corn

    Joo Hyun Lee / South Korea, USA / 20 mins
    An old stubborn farmer and his dear corn fields.

  6. Strike

    Joey Daoud / USA / 12 mins
    Bill Fong nears the historical achievement to be the first from Texas and Asian-American to attain the ever elusive "perfect series," a feat only achieved 21 times since 1895. Will he make it?

  7. Sutures

    Tiffanie Hsu / USA / 16 mins
    In order to make amends for her ailing dad (Tzi Ma), Audrey (Lynn Chen) has to reconnect with her father in the fictional world of a soap opera.

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City Cinema Village East
August 1, 2014 5:00 pm