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Asian American International Film Festival 2015 | New York City


Directed by Dax Phelan

Narrative / Hong Kong / 2015 / Mystery, Thriller / 80 mins / English / New York City Premiere

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Village East Cinema
July 30, 2015 6:00 pm


Leonard To (Jason Tobin) is a man who is struggling to come to terms with the unsolved murder of his beloved wife, Jasmine. After more than a year, he decides to come back to Hong Kong and move on with his life. He searches for a new job, attends group grief support meetings, and reconnects with Grace, a woman from his past. While he still calls the police, hoping Jasmine’s murder case will be resolved, Leonard does seem to start life anew.

On the first anniversary of Jasmine’s death, Leonard visits her burial site and crosses paths with a mysterious man, who Leonard becomes convinced is a prime suspect for his beloved wife’s death. Leonard decides to investigate and follow this man, in hopes of finding connections to his wife’s murder, and reports the man to the police. However, when the police fail to arrest the man, Leonard realizes that the only way for him to stop his own fiery downward spiral and move on with his life once and for all is to take matters into his own hands. The result: a shocking and unforgettable final revelation.

In his directorial debut, Dax Phelan keeps us on an edge of our seats and takes us on a roller-coaster ride with his star-studded cast and crew. With a strong character-driven narrative and constant suspense all set in the bustling city of Hong Kong, Dax Phelan creates a story that is bold, riveting, and shocking with a theme that is universally relatable to anyone who has ever loved and anyone who has ever suffered. JASMINE is dedicated to Dax Phelan’s mother.

Post Screening Panelists:

Dax Phelan, Director, JASMINE

Jason Tobin, Actor, JASMINE

Byron Mann, Actor, JASMINE

Eugenia Yuan, Main Actress, JASMINE

Nicole Watson, Executive Producer, JASMINE

Jon Anderson, Executive Producer, JASMINE

Chris Chan Lee, Producer and Editor,  JASMINE

Stratton Leopold, Producer, JASMINE

Dave Tsuboi, Associate Producer, JASMINE



Director's Bio

Dax Phelan is an award-winning screenwriter, producer, and director based in Los Angeles, Hong Kong, and New York. Phelan was previously the Creative Executive for veteran producer Mace Neufeld (THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER) at Paramount Pictures and Sony Pictures Entertainment on projects such as THE GENERAL’S DAUGHTER, THE SUM OF ALL FEARS, and THE EQUALIZER. Last year, Phelan teamed up with Academy Award-nominee Oren Moverman to executive produce Anja Marquardt’s SHE’S LOST CONTROL, which was nominated for two Film Independent Spirit Awards: Best First Feature and Best First Screenplay. He is currently adapting Neil White’s memoir IN THE SANCTUARY OF OUTCASTS for producer Stratton Leopold (MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE III) and co-producing Orson Welles’ final film, THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WIND. JASMINE is Phelan’s feature directorial debut.

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Dates & Times


Village East Cinema
July 30, 2015 6:00 pm