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2016 Asian American International Film Festival | New York City


Directed by Haitao Guo

Documentary, Free Films in Flushing / China, USA / 2015 / Documentary / 78 mins / Chinese with English subtitles


Flushing Town Hall
July 27, 2016 8:00 pm First come, first served


Legendary Peking Opera master, Yuling Fang, emigrates to New York where he works in a nail salon. Realizing there is no one to inherit his legendary skills, he decides to mount an amateur production in order to keep alive the vanishing world he loves.

Preceded By : TWN Senior Media Workshop Showcase 

  • 拉蒂摩花园中心 – 活动真有趣(31秒)Selfhelp Latimer Gardens Center – Fun Activities (31 sec”)
  • 我们从两岛而来 – 约翰娜与梅如何到纽约(3分10秒)Coming from Two Islands – How Johanna & May Came to New York (3’10”)
  • 约瑟夫与中心的相会(2分41秒)Joseph’s Journey to the Center (2’41”)
  • 心若年轻 则岁月不老(2分06秒)If you feel young, you are young(2’06″)
  • 我的人生旅程 – 学者楚珏辉(4分37秒)My Life Journey – Scholar Juehui Chu (4’37”)

The Senior Filmmakers:

Jue Hui Chu, Joseph Liao, Johanna Lin, Susan So, Jenny Zhan, Nancy Ye,and May Yen.

About the TWN Su-Casa Senior Media Workshop:

This past spring, a group of elder immigrants, originally from Taiwan, Hong Kong and China,

watched and analyzed films, and learned how to use video cameras and how to edit in this

media workshop taught by Third World Newsreel at the SelfHelp Latimer Gardens Senior

Center (about 2 blocks from Flushing Town Hall).These first time filmmakers ranged in

age from 65 to 83 years of age, and worked with film teacher Yung-Jen Yang, using

camcorders, ipads and editing on iMovie and Moviemaker.

This was made possible through the Su Casa program, supported by Public Funds from the

New York City Council, in Partnership with the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs and

Department of the Aging.

About Third World Newsreel

Third World Newsreel is an alternative media center that nurtures and promotes media by and

about people of color and social issue films through educational distribution, production and

training.It leads production workshops throughout the year for emerging filmmakers.

About the Film teachers

Yung-Jen Yang is a DP and filmmaker, whose most recent film was screened at CAAMFEST

2016, the San Francisco Asian American Film Festival this March, The Day Dreaming Bunny.

He received his MFA from the City College of NY.

ManSee Kong is also a DP and filmmaker, whose films include Here to Stay and the in progress

What Happened to Danny? on the tragic death of Private Danny Chen.

Dates & Times


Flushing Town Hall
July 27, 2016 8:00 pm First come, first served