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2018 Asian American International Film Festival




Village East Cinema
July 28, 2018 4:30 pm Not Available


What does it mean to leave home to build another? These films take us on a journey through time, highlighting the diversity and strength of the immigrant story.


Tickets to Screening:

$16 General
$12 Student/Senior

Screenings made possible by: Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund, Adhikaar, Korean American Community Foundation, Asian American Bar Association NY

In This Program


    Rhyme Lu / SHORT FILMS / USA / Drama / 26 mins
    Inspired by a true crime story. 25-year-old Chinese undocumented immigrant Yuzhong Chen has been bouncing from state to state, working in Chinese restaurants as a “stir fry.” He willingly bows his head and works as a modern slave in hopes that one day he will have a real and proud life: his own restaurant, a wife, and a family. The key to this life is a legal identity, and he moves to Los Angeles to seek it through asylum fraud. There he meets and falls in love with a waitress, Shawshaw. His dreams are getting closer and closer, but Yuzhong suddenly receives a phone call from his lawyer that he has missed his court hearing. Where will the tide of fortune take him?

  2. JUNE

    Huay-Bing Law / SHORT FILMS / USA / Drama / 13 mins
    A Chinese Immigrant comes across segregated restrooms in 1950s Texas and isn't sure whether to use the “Whites Only” restroom or “Colored” restroom.

  3. WORTH

    Vokee Lee / SHORT FILMS / USA / 15 mins
    WORTH is based on true events from 1982 after the Vietnam War, a time of heightened racial tensions between whites and Asians. Pao Lor, a teenage Hmong refugee, begins what seems to be a typical day when he suddenly becomes a target at school and is treated with contempt by his classmates. One day after gym class, Pao gets into a brawl with the high school bullies and is suddenly on the verge of being expelled. At the age of 17, unsure of what to do and tired of being worthless, Pao decides to leave school permanently. However, Mrs. Stoick, Pao’s counselor, refuses to give up on him and arrives suddenly on his doorstep one day.


    Abraham "AB" Troen / SHORT FILMS / USA / Documentary / 23 mins
    Brandon Hsie gave up a successful career as a lawyer in China to move to Los Angeles. As he struggles with leaving his family behind, Brandon also anticipates a new life where he can live outside the closet as his true self.


    Harjus Singh / SHORT FILMS / USA / Biography, Drama, History / 25 mins
    Based on the life of Bhagat Singh Thind, ALL QUIET ON THE HOMEFRONT is the story of an Asian American soldier who faces deportation in the wake of a new law passed by Congress after returning home from serving in World War I. In a case that will decide the fate of all Asians in America, he must now battle the courts of the very country he put his life on the line for.

Dates & Times


Village East Cinema
July 28, 2018 4:30 pm Not Available