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2018 Asian American International Film Festival




Co-Presented by Asia Society
August 3, 2018 6:00 pm Not Available


Q&A to follow with filmmakers

The LGBTQIA+ experience for Asian and Asian-Americans often feels hidden and unheard. The following films showcase just a small portion of the many different stories and identities within the Asian queer community.


Post Screening Panelists:

Hammad Rizvi, Director

MAN Dik Sum, Director

Jason Karman, Writer and Director

Jess X. Snow, Director

Kit Yan, Writer and Producer

Wynton, Moderator

Tickets to Screening:

$16 General
$12 Student/Senior

Screenings made possible by: GAPIMNY—Empowering Queer & Trans Asian Pacific Islanders, New York City Asian American Student Conference

In This Program


    Seung Yeob Lee / SHORT FILMS / South Korea / Comedy, Drama / 20 mins
    When Jungho’s mom suddenly shows up at the Seoul apartment he shares with his boyfriend, he must hide all evidence of his homosexuality—but she’s far more perceptive than he could have anticipated.


    Jess X. Snow / SHORT FILMS / USA / Documentary / 13 mins
    As rising sea levels threaten the loss of their motherland in Hawai’i , the Philippines, China, and North America, four women fight to preserve the volcanos, oceans, land, and air for future generations. In a deeply immersive artistic experience, they channel their mothers and ancestors in song, dance, and poetry, and take a bold stand against the corruption of the elements and natural resources by humankind.


    Jason Karman / SHORT FILMS / Canada / Coming-of-Age, Drama / 17 mins
    The newest member of a minor league hockey team, Ray, is hazed by his new teammates as he struggles to fit in both on and off the ice. Ray will have to find the courage to accept himself first—and maybe even inspire a fellow teammate.


    Runze Yu / SHORT FILMS / China / Documentary / 31 mins
    In China, where the family unit is highly valued, over 80% of the approximately 20 million gay men marry straight women to carry on the family name, and to escape social discrimination and parental pressure. THE WIVES is an intimate portrait of three Chinese women in this situation: Xiaonian is trying to get a divorce, Wang is stuck in her marriage because of her two children, and Delan becomes a gay rights advocate after her husband comes out. Due to the social stigma, divorce is not an easy option for these wives, especially for those who have children. Facing different challenges, the three female protagonists do the best they can for their families, their children, and themselves—but the outcome is not always happy.


    Man Dik Sum / SHORT FILMS / Germany, Hong Kong / Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy / 10 mins
    As Hong Kong increasingly loses its sovereignty to China, Momo leaves home for Berlin, hoping to finally breathe the air of freedom. But life doesn't look like what he imagined—instead of advancing his fashion career or finding love, he ends up working and living in a Chinese supermarket. Momo soon finds himself straying even further, going on an uncanny journey with other outcasts in the city of Berlin.

  6. RANI

    Hammad Rizvi / SHORT FILMS / Pakistan, USA / Drama / 14 mins
    A Pakistani transgender woman sets out to take care of an abandoned child.

Dates & Times


Co-Presented by Asia Society
August 3, 2018 6:00 pm Not Available