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2018 Asian American International Film Festival




Village East Cinema
July 27, 2018 5:30 pm Not Available


Q&A to follow with filmmakers

Spanning a range of life stages, the following films remind us that contrary to mainstream media, women at any age have compelling stories worth rooting for.


Post Screening Panelists:

Chung-Wei Huang, Director

Joseph Kraemer, Cinematographer

Anna Mikami, Director

Daisy Zhou, Cinematographer

Lauren Andrade, Producer

Sakurako Kataoka, Actress


Tickets to Screening:

$16 General
$12 Student/Senior

Screenings made possible by: Rebel Motion, Taiwanese American Professionals – NY, Womankind, NYU Asian Pacific Islander Alumni, National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum, Sakhi for South Asian Women

In This Program


    Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy / SHORT FILMS / Pakistan, USA / Documentary / 33 mins
    Pakistan is routinely ranked as the third most dangerous country in the world for women. Much of the nation is extremely conservative, religiously and culturally, and women are often subject to violence at the hands of men. Repercussions are minimal and more than half of Pakistani women who experience violence say nothing out of shame and fear. With female literacy at a historic low and patriarchy running deep in the justice system, women across Pakistan continue to be treated as second-class citizens. FREEDOM FIGHTERS follows three brave women who are speaking out against inequality and pushing for equal rights. The documentary features verité sequences along with 2D animation to tell the stories of these powerful women and the victims they have helped in their journey to challenge the status quo.


    Joey Chu / SHORT FILMS / Antarctica, Hong Kong / Adventure, Documentary, Women / 18 mins
    $30 TO ANTARCTICA follows the true story of Ka Foon Chau, who grew up an impoverished child, and against all odds, retired a renowned doctor. Raised in 1960s Hong Kong, Chau faced the bias of her elders who attempted to discourage her interest in academics. Through a small gesture of support she received from a teacher, Chau built a life and career that moved beyond the restrictive boundaries set by her parents’ generation. She is now ready to fulfill a childhood dream—to see Antarctica. The director, who is the daughter of Chau, tries to step away from her role as daughter to reach the depths of the story and unveil aspects of her mother she has never encountered before.


    Anna Mikami / SHORT FILMS / China, USA / Drama / 15 mins
    At an international school in Hong Kong, a high school girl spreads a video sexualizing her childhood friend and classmate. In this neon depiction of Hong Kong youth, CLIQUE BAIT features Asian teens as you’ve never seen them before. Attending a Western international school in a once colonized country, CLIQUE BAIT’s characters are constantly caught between East and West, traditional and liberal, and past and future as they navigate the universal growing pains that come with being a teenage girl.

  4. Keiko’s Hands

    Yun Liang / SHORT FILMS / Comedy, Family, Sci Fi / 32 mins
    Keiko is a peculiar old lady who observes the same mundane routine everyday—chair yoga and Japanese home cooking—until she suddenly finds herself with the ability to heal others with her hands. Not very nurturing by nature, Keiko does not find this a blessing. However, after an unexpected encounter with a little boy, everything changes. KEIKO’S HANDS is an intimate, complex portrait of the many women in Director Yun Liang’s life who are incredibly strong and uncompromising in life.


    Chung-Wei Huang / SHORT FILMS / Taiwan, USA / Coming-of-Age, Drama / 19 mins
    Andrea Lin is a confused Taiwanese girl struggling to find her place in the world. In search of adventure, she takes a summer job in America working for a traveling carnival, where she confronts the harsh realities of life as a migrant worker. Andrea struggles to connect with her carny co-workers even after starting a romantic relationship with one of them—Julio, a young, free-spirited Mexican man—and must come to terms with her feelings of wanting to belong, yet never feeling at home. This story is dedicated to the people who foolishly yet admirably continue to chase their dreams, against all odds. Just as the carnival will always be rebuilt at the next destination, so too will our dreams.

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Village East Cinema
July 27, 2018 5:30 pm Not Available